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Working Unit: OPD
Out patient department (OPD), Rajanukul Institute, provides services for individuals with intellectual disabilities and children with learning, behavioral or emotional problems by a team of medical doctors consisting of child and adolescent psychiatrists and pediatricians specialized in child development. Services are divided into OPD clinic and special clinic.

OPD Clinic Services
 OPD Clinic provides diagnosis and treatment for individuals with intellectual disabilities from birth to 18 years. Open on Monday to Friday from 08.00-12.00hr.
Special Clinic Services
1. Genetic clinic opens on Monday from 13.00-16.00hr.
This clinic serves the guardians and persons with intellectual disabilities together with genetic deficiency and provides prenatal counseling on genetics by pediatricians specialized in genetics.
2. Acupuncture Clinic opens on Wednesday and Friday from 08.30-12.00hr.
The clinic provides service for the intellectually disabled people who need treatment with acupuncture and have passed the evaluation required for this treatment.
3. Psychiatric Clinic for children and teenagers opens on Monday from 13.00-10.00hr.
The clinic facilitates services for psychiatric child and teen patients who need counseling or mental therapy from child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Preparations for Getting Services
1. New patients should prepare necessary documents below:
1.1  A copy of birth certificate  1.2  A copy of house registration certificate  1.3  A copy of ID card     1.4  Name change certificate (if any) 1.5  A copy of parents’ ID card (submit from 08.00-10.00hr)
2. Patients who need services from special clinic must pass the evaluation from a medical doctor of OPD clinic prior to referring to the special clinic.
Note: For your convenience, new patients’ guardians can download and fill out the Registration Form as well as prepare all relevant documents ready to speed up the process.

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