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Social Welfare Services include:
1.Basic skills development program for working with persons with intellectual disabilities
It is designed for providing services in rehabilitation of skills in social adaptation and basic working for them. In this program individuals with intellectual disabilities will receive:
1.Preparedness by using trainings of skills in social adaptation and basic working for both individual and group
2.On the job training (OJT) in various units of the institute with 3-6 months rotation in order to put the skills in social adaptation  and basic working into practice in the real work place observed and evaluated by job coach
3.Job opportunities in the entrepreneurial sites, companies, etc. suitable for members qualifications or employers criteria with 3 months on site training prior to getting employed.
4.Guides to employment methods, strong disciplinary training for family in order to get employed, guide on how to discipline them at work and knowledge for parents to train their off-springs about household chores
5.Follow ups on working performance of the intellectually disabled persons who received a job offer from enterprising locations/ family business
Scope of Services   
Individuals with intellectual disabilities aged 18 years up, both male and female, will be eligible for OPD services 5 days a week from 08.00-16.00hr (Monday to Friday except for official holidays or auspicious holidays)
2.Family therapy program for persons with intellectual disabilities
This program provides care services for intellectually disabled individuals families that have emotional difficulties and stress or mental problems arising from taking care of their off-springs and solves the problem of family relationship among family members affecting the therapy.
Scope of Services   
 Family therapy clinic serves the family of people with intellectual disabilities for both OPD and IPD on the 2nd floor of OPD building from 09.00-15.00hr, Monday to Friday, except for official or auspicious holidays)
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